The route is given. Please refer to the graphic on the website. If you get lost, the app will warn you. 

Yes, you get one code per registration and payment transaction, which is valid until the end of the year. 

Load the viRACE app and tap on the lock icon in the upper area and type in your participation code. Done.

You will receive your race number immediately after registration by mail (as a link for download). In the same mail you will also find your participation code and a detailed description of how to get ready for the start.

Of course, you can also start the race without a race number. With the number you make yourself visible as a participant. 

The app has just been made more power efficient. An average phone with an intact battery should manage the distance even with a half-full battery.

Yes, but it's very simple. You need 2 to 3 minutes for the complete registration, including getting the app ready.

No, there is also no way to upload your custom result without an app.

You can do this directly in the app's launch list. Tap on the name or the + symbol in front of the name you want to connect with. You will then know every kilometer the lead or lag of this person in the race, in relation to you.   

Just start the app and go near the start zone. The app is self-explanatory.

Yes, you can register at any time in the viRACE app with your participation code. Before the run, simply open the app near the start zone and follow the instructions. 

You don't have to do anything, your audible accompaniment tells you when you are approaching the finish and you are running through the finish. Your time stops automatically and you can immediately view the current overall result list in the app. 

The track is always open. 24 hours a day. You can also participate multiple times with your start code until the end of the year.

After crossing the finish line, you can see your current ranking on the display of your cell phone. Even during the run you will be informed about your ranking. The complete evaluation according to different criteria can be found at  

  • Please note the upper and lower case.
  • note that it is the code for the run you signed up for. 
  • do you have any spaces before or after the code?

Everything checked and it still doesn't work? Please write to

Here is a list of possible solutions that we have collected so far:

  • note the case sensitivity of the code
  • delete the app from the phone and reinstall it
  • if nothing helps:
    please write to