General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the Experiencerun
Version 1, February 4, 2022

1. scope of application
The general terms and conditions of business and participation described below apply to all participants who order a participation code on the web platform in order to participate independently in one of the hybrid running competitions offered there. The operator of the digital Experiencerun web platform is büroJETZT gmbh, Marktgasse 12, 1090 Vienna.
Austrian law shall apply. The place of jurisdiction is the court responsible for the organizer.
These Terms and Conditions of Participation regulate the legal relationship arising between the Code Orderers and büroJETZT gmbh. They are subject to occasional changes in content. They are part of the contract between the organizer and the participants in the version valid at the time of registration. Changes that take into account the legitimate interests of the participants and that are announced by the organizer on the Internet or in writing shall become an integral part of the Terms of Use without further ado. All declarations by Participants to the Organizer shall be made exclusively in writing by mail (büroJetzt GmbH, Marktgasse 12, 1090 Vienna) or by e-mail ( to the Organizer.
All declarations pursuant to Section 28 "Use of Personal Data" shall be made exclusively in writing by mail (büroJetzt GmbH, Marktgasse 12, 1090 Vienna) or by e-mail ( to the Organizer.

2. participation and safety
büroJETZT gmbh distributes participation codes via the Experiencerun web platform, which enable independent participation in the running events offered there. Participation is possible without restriction from the age of 18. It is pointed out that these running offers do not provide for defined routes and that no superstructures, services and the like are offered. All rules of the road traffic regulations apply.
The Experiencerun web platform operator will provide the participants with information via email and moderation via the app "viRACE" in the run-up to and during the running events, which will contribute to the smooth running and safety. However, the participants act on their own responsibility at all times and have no obligation towards the web platform provider.

3. Corona Safety Measures
Regardless of the personal responsibility for participation, the health of the participants is important. Health comes first, therefore the platform operator appeals to the participants to adhere to the legal requirements and decrees of the Austrian government. With regard to an optimal course of events, the platform provider recommends keeping a distance of at least 5 meters when running and in the run-up to the start. 

4. clean sport statement & fair play
The participants assure that they comply with the international anti-doping guidelines and that there are no grounds for exclusion from sporting events according to the international anti-doping regulations. They affirm that they do not take any prohibited substances to enhance their physical performance or that they have never passed them on to other

5. registrations
Registration for all competitions is only possible online via the app "viRACE". The necessary participation code can be purchased on the Experiencerun web platform. Alternatively, participants can also register using free participation codes, which can be distributed through various partners and channels. For questions in connection with the registration and/or account büroJetzt GmbH is available under After registering on the Experience web platform, all participants will receive a registration confirmation email with all relevant participation information. It is possible that this email will arrive in the spam folder of the mail account. Registration via the Experience web platform is binding. Cancellation or refund of money after a successful registration is not possible. The participants expressly agree that the results will be published on the Experiencerun web platform with the name from the registration.

6. non-participation
If a participant does not participate in the start for whatever reason or if
declares non-participation to the platform provider beforehand, there is no entitlement to a refund of the participation fee.

7. cancellation, termination, error
The announced competitions will take place in all weather conditions. In rare cases, technical problems may occur, which may result in participants not being included in the ranking and not receiving a certificate.
In case of fault of the web platform operator a refund of the entry fee can be claimed. It is sufficient to send an email to with a short description of the circumstances. The refund will not be made in case of participant's fault (e.g. empty battery or participation in an area with bad internet supply etc.)
The code buyers bear the risk of a total software failure in case the viRACE software cannot deliver results for individual events for whatever reason. This is not valid for the described single cases but in case of a general system breakdown. In this case there is no claim for refund of the entry fee, but the participants keep the right for a replacement participation at a future event.

8. liability for damage to property, assets and health
The organizer is not liable for damage to property and assets of any kind. The participants will not make any claims against the web platform operator, the partners and the sponsors or their representatives for damages or injuries of any kind that could arise from their participation.
The web platform operator does not assume any liability for health risks of the participant in connection with the participation in one of the competitions of the Experiencerun. It is the responsibility of the participants to have their state of health checked by a doctor beforehand.

9. timing
Timing is done by the viRACE app for all runs. The accuracy of the timing depends mainly on the smartphone or device used. Here, time deviations may occur that are not within the range of the platform provider or the viRACE app. 

10. use of personal data
The personal and organizational data (name, title, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, gender, year of birth, club, payment status, running times, result rank) provided during registration and obtained during timekeeping will be stored digitally for the implementation and organizational processing of the event.
At the timekeeping partner (viRace) a very simple separate registration is necessary. There the general terms and conditions of viRACE
apply. Only those data are collected which are necessary for the execution of the registration, the timekeeping, the creation of the result lists
as well as the publication of the results on the internet. With the registration
the participant agrees to a storage of the data for these purposes.
Detailed information where the platform operator of the Experiencerun stores the data and for which purposes they are used can be found here. The protection of your data is important to us, which is why we act in accordance with data protection regulations (Basic Data Protection Regulation , Data Protection Act DSG 2000, Telecommunications Act - TKG).
Contact person for the use of personal data
is the Managing Director Sven Rohskogler. He is available as the responsible person with regard to the use of your personal data at
. All questions, corrections of your stored data, deletion of your data, unsubscribing from the sending of electronic (e-mails, newsletters) or postal information to you and
forwarding of data to cooperation partners must be submitted either in writing to büroJetzt GmbH, Marktgasse 12, 1090 Vienna or via e-mail ( You can revoke this use of data at any time via e-mail ( or by post (büroJetzt gmbH, Marktgasse 12, 1090 Vienna) with the subject line "Use of my data by bueroJETZT gmbh"
.Parts of your registration and results data will be used by the platform operator büroJetzt GmbH for advertising purposes in the form of newsletters
. The sending of information in this regard is carried out exclusively by the platform operator. The data will of course never be passed on to partners, sponsors or other third parties. The mailings may also contain information from partners. When registering for the Danube Island Run, you explicitly agree to the use of the address data, in particular the e-mail address for the sending of information and newsletters.
You can unsubscribe from the sending of these newsletters at any time by e-mail (, by post (büroJetzt GmbH, Marktgasse 12, 1090 Vienna) or conveniently in each newsletter.